CPE – A Life Changing Experience

Are you interested in chaplaincy? How about developing your pastoral care skills? Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) will provide you the opportunity to pursue both of these goals and more. 

What is CPE?

CPE is about change, transition and transformation and involves peer and individual supervision as part of the action-reflection process.  CPE is designed to call forth, recognize, and strengthen an individual’s unique gifts in ministry in dialogue with one’s spiritual heritage and the behavioral sciences.  The clinical learning process provides opportunities to integrate personal and professional growth during an exciting and transforming educational experience.

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Who Should Consider CPE?

  • Persons interested in chaplaincy as a career
  • Individuals interested in chaplain certification
  • Seminarians who are pursuing careers in ministry
  • Clergy who desire additional skills in pastoral care and counseling
  • Laypersons interested in providing pastoral care in a variety of setting, i.e., congregation, community, law enforcement, etc. 

What Does it Involve?

A unit of CPE involves participation in a clinical/ministry setting in which one provides pastoral care to individuals, couples, families, and staff.

As a minimum, the CPE participant is required to submit an application and once approved identify a clinical site.  These activities must occur at least 3 weeks before the unit starts:

  • Complete a CPE Application: https://www.cpe-international.org/aacc-cpe.html
  • Locate a clinical/ministry site, which includes but is not limited to (one or more sites can be utilized):
    •  Congregation
    • Healthcare (hospital/hospice
    • Law Enforcement
    • Fire Department
    • Marketplace / Community

Are you interested in chaplaincy? How about developing your pastoral care skills? Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) will provide you the opportunity to pursue both of these goals and more. 

Click Here To Fill Out A CPE Application


A unit of CPE is $899. 

CPE Structure

  • A unit of CPE covers 14 weeks.  During the 14 weeks, students complete 400 hours (300 hours in a clinical/ministry setting, and 100 hours in individual/group supervision and self-study).
  • Students can begin during any beginning unit.
  • Certification:  CPEI offers chaplaincy certification. Review the requirements: www.cpe-international.org

  • Online/Virtual Modality: CPE students meet weekly with their CPE Supervisor and peer group for approximately three hours, typically during the evening hours although this may vary.  Sessions are conducted via as a distance learning (online /virtual) modality, which requires students to have access to a computer with a webcam and a confidential location to meet.

CPE Unit Dates
  • January 11 – April 19, 2021
  • May 10 – August 16, 2021
  • September 6  – December 13, 2021

What Our Customers Are Saying

As an Army Chaplain, we are trained to provide pastoral care and counseling to our Soldiers. CPE has provided a collegial environment that allows me to grow this perspective in both a civilian and military environment, challenging some preconceived perceptions, and to grow as an individual. It is challenging at times to be open with fellow participants, but when you give a little, the group gives a ton! I have learned so much about myself through this process and become a better clinician through the CPE process.
Jared A. Watson
Jared A. WatsonCH (MAJ) – Family Life Chaplain MOARNG
I have a lot of experience in multiple fields. When I began to do volunteer chaplaincy at the local hospital, basically my approach was pastoral chaplaincy. I realized that what was needed was different from what I was doing. I have now completed two units of CPE. I am learning to trust the process as I start the third unit. One of my sons called recently to tell me of a crisis he is going through. Afterward, my wife said, “You really listened. You did not try to ‘fix it’.” Hospital staff is opening to spiritual care from me.
W. Stewart Pickle, DMin, ThM
W. Stewart Pickle, DMin, ThM
La Educación Pastoral Clínica (CPE) ha sido uno de los cursos más significativos en mi carrera profesional en el ministerio pastoral, me ayudó a comprender cuál es la esencia de ofrecer el mejor cuidado pastoral. CPE me quitó la venda de los ojos que yo tenía por no reconocer el rol que yo tengo como persona es crucial.
Jeanet Berruecos
Jeanet BerruecosCPEI Supervisory Candidate
CPE has been a valuable experience for me as a pastor and a professional. I have learned how to engage as part of an interdisciplinary team, how to assess a patient’s needs from a spiritual perspective, and how to provide spiritual care for people of different faiths while maintaining my own beliefs and convictions. I have learned how to minister effectively out of who I am in a variety of difficult situations
Burke Lindvall
Burke Lindvall
CPE process played an integral part in my growth as a professional Chaplain and member of the clergy within the community. It is in this space that I have gained the most traction clinically, spiritually, professionally and personally. The CPE allowed me the structure, supervision and peer support and training needed to better understand the role of spiritual care in Healthcare and how I might become an advocate within my community regarding the same. The process allowed me a safe space to be curious, to challenge my beliefs and learn how to meet other people’s needs without sacrificing my faith roots. Each unit sharpened my abilities and skills in new ways and directions-redefining my growth edges at each opportunity. CPE improved my knowledge in identifying goals, risks, interventions, and outcomes and improved my documentation to such. The CPE process has also given me a more workable definition of self-care-challenging myself to seek out what “compassion satisfaction” is for my patients and families, my colleagues and myself.
Rev. Karen A. Hale M Th
Rev. Karen A. Hale M ThHuskies Team Chaplain
The Clinical Pastoral Education program (CPE) in my opinion was a profound experience in helping with preparing me for the pastoral care ministry. I learned that providing a caring presence is what the ministry as a chaplain is all about. I learned a lot about myself, my personal and pastoral identity, and my calling to the work in pastoral care ministry.
The personal encounters that take place in hospital rooms, as well as in the opportunities for self-evaluation and reflection continue to help me in my role as director, supervisor and mentor to all those who work with me. I cannot imagine myself operating in the role as a pastoral care provider, a minister or in the role as a leader in ministry without this type of experience. I would highly recommend CPE for all those in all aspects of ministry. You will find CPE to be most rewarding and enriching
Larry S. Glover, M.A.
Larry S. Glover, M.A. Pastoral Care Director – Memorial Hospital
“CPE has helped me to become a more compassionate person while listening to one’s life journey. CPE also helped to strengthen my spiritual life through serving others, regardless their culture, sex, race, genders, and/or faith background. Through CPE, I have learned to understand that there are no difficult patients, just the individuals who experience a difficult day. “
Ytu Tran
Ytu Tran
CPE has been one of the most intentional ministry development opportunities that I’ve had in the past 15 years of ministry. There were blind spots which I was not aware if, and frankly, I was not interested in exploring. Through individual and group reflection, I can see the weaknesses which perhaps were hindrances to effective counseling and discipling those placed in my care. I’ve grown more then I knew was possible and am eager for more!
Jordan Haywood
Jordan HaywoodUSAF Chaplain Candidate
I have been a minister for over 25 years and currently a pastor. I heard about CPE a few times over the years but knew nothing about it. Now I see how much I have been missing. I find the CPE journey at FH to be an extraordinary wonderful life-changing experience that enhances my “self-awareness.” CPE has empowered me to be an instrument in the hand of God for spiritual and emotional healing for people.
By now CPE is an integrated part of my life. It is something growing in me, and I am becoming more aware that the skills I learn in CPE work everywhere in my life. They work when I am a pastor. They work when I am a chaplain. They work when I am with my family.
Rev. Belete Belay
Rev. Belete BelayPastor, Galilee Lutheran Church at Chester MD
CPE has helped me improve my ability to serve others better by allowing me a safe place to be vulnerable as a person and caregiver. I place to give and receive help from like-minded peers who have servant’s hearts. CPE helps me to improve personally and professionally by broadening my thinking and helping me to be more intentional spiritually and clinically. I am thankful for CPE and the growth that has come from it
Anna Mayo

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