Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education – A Life Changing Experience

Are you interested in chaplaincy? How about developing your pastoral care skills? Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) will provide you the opportunity to pursue both of these goals and more. Offered in English and Spanish!

What is CPE?

CPE is about change, transition and transformation and involves peer and individual supervision as part of the action-reflection process.  CPE is designed to call forth, recognize, and strengthen an individual’s unique gifts in ministry in dialogue with one’s spiritual heritage and the behavioral sciences.  The clinical learning process provides opportunities to integrate personal and professional growth during an exciting and transforming educational experience.

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Who Should Consider CPE?
  • Persons interested in chaplaincy as a career
  • Individuals interested in chaplain certification
  • Seminarians who are pursuing careers in ministry
  • Clergy who desire additional skills in pastoral care and counseling
  • Laypersons interested in providing pastoral care in a variety of setting, i.e., congregation, community, law enforcement, etc.

What Does it Involve?

A unit of CPE involves participation in a clinical/ministry setting in which one provides pastoral care to individuals, couples, families, and staff.

As a minimum, the CPE participant is required to submit an application and once approved identify a clinical site.  These activities must occur at least 3 weeks before the unit starts:

  • Complete a CPE Application:
  • Locate a clinical/ministry site, which includes but is not limited to (one or more sites can be utilized):
    •  Congregation
    • Healthcare (hospital/hospice
    • Law Enforcement
    • Fire Department
    • Marketplace / Community

Are you interested in chaplaincy? How about developing your pastoral care skills? Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) will provide you the opportunity to pursue both of these goals and more.

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A unit of CPE is $899.

CPE Structure
  • A unit of CPE covers 14 weeks.  During the 14 weeks, students complete 400 hours (300 hours in a clinical/ministry setting, and 100 hours in individual/group supervision and self-study).
  • Students can begin during any beginning unit.
  • Certification:  CPEI offers chaplaincy certification. Review the requirements:
  • Online/Virtual Modality: CPE students meet weekly with their CPE Supervisor and peer group for approximately three hours, typically during the evening hours although this may vary.  Sessions are conducted via as a distance learning (online /virtual) modality, which requires students to have access to a computer with a webcam and a confidential location to meet.
CPE Unit Dates
  • May 10-August 16, 2021

  • September 7- December 13, 2021

  • January 10-April 18, 2022

  • May 9-August 15, 2022

  • September 6-December 12, 2022

What Our Customers Are Saying

“CPE has been a life changing experience for me. It has guided me through faith formation, it has challenged me to reflect on those fears that have held me back, and it has shown me that I am enough.”

David Fisher
CPE Student
University of Kansas Medical Center

“Enrolling in CPE through the program hosted by BRG through CPEI has enabled me to take my years of serving people as a theological foundation, and built upon and transformed it to deliberate and real relational outcomes with people, transcending what I had ever accomplished through years of ministry staff and volunteer service in healthcare and church settings.”

Reverend Bruce Lininger, MA, Ph.D.
11021 Franklins Tale Loop
Austin, TX 78748

“I would like to share that Fall 2020 I attended CPEI and my Supervisor/Instructor was Scott Speight. I received so much constructive feedback from Scott and fellow students. It was enriching. As I am a naturally private person, class was a safe place to speak openly and freely which intern allowed me to grow in just my first unit of CPE. I would recommend this course for anyone and everyone in ministry even if not a “Chaplain” as it will aide you in how you look at yourself and how others may view you based on your actions in the field. I look forward to another unit soon.”

Bernard Smith
Hospice Chaplain
New England Hospice
Hingham, MA

“There is magic in the possibility of turning individuals from all over the globe who meet for a few hours a week into a group caring for one another, into a community where a safe space has been established permitting the sharing of diverse life experiences, of wounds, of professional questions and personal hurt. This community conveys a sense of being held. The groups offers a unique learning opportunity where the peer group forms a pivotal component of learning not only with one another but from one another.”

Rabbi Annabelle Herciger

“CPE-I has afforded me the great opportunity and option to finally take CPE online and do the clinical portion at the facility I work at. I had prior to this been accepted at three major teaching hospitals but could not quite navigate the on site class and clinical time and drive time to fit into my full time work. I fully believe this was all from God. Truly feel I am getting far superior education via CPEI.”

Mike Willard
Clinical Chaplain
State of NC
Pastor at Aenon Missionary Baptist.

Additional Information


Dr. Dallas E. Speight

CPEI Executive Director


Credentialing/Certification Questions

Rev. Al Henager

(913) 439-8564

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