Working with High Conflict Couples: Assessing for Abusive Elements

by Leslie Vernick, MSW Working with high conflict couples presents unique challenges that frustrate and confuse even experienced counselors. We can work for months, even years, without seeing improvement. And, we can miss some crucial diagnostic components if we are not mindful of what to look for.              High conflict couples experience frequent fighting that […]

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Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

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Understanding and Interrupting Generational Trauma Transmission

by Phillip Monroe, Psy.D. Take a minute and reflect:What blessings do you see that have cometo you through the life and experiences of the previous generation of your family? Education? Faith? Economic stability? Work ethic? What pains and suffering did you inherit from those before you? Addiction? Violence? Discrimination? Poverty? Inadequate education? Notice that you […]

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Remembering Dr. Archibald Hart

The Memorial Service for Dr. Archibald D. Hart  July 21, 2021  Today, we remember and celebrate a beloved colleague and friend, outstanding educator, administrator, author, and former board member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Dr. Archibald Hart.  To know him was to love him. His passion and communication skills, wrapped in one of […]

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Remembering the Life and Legacy of Dr. Archibald Hart

With heavy hearts, we share the news that a colleague, friend, outstanding educator, administrator, author, member, and former board member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Dr. Archibald Hart, passed away on July 18th, 2021. Dr. Hart was a pioneer in the field and Christian counseling and psychology. With permission, we share a letter […]

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Creating a Culture of On-Site Self-Care Strategies

by Alexia Georghiou Burnout was recently defined as an epidemic and diagnosable condition by the World Health Organization. With the COVID19 pandemic, it is time to begin developing onsite self-care strategies. Whether we are in the office, or joining virtually, there are stressors leading to the burnout that so many have recently experienced.  As helping […]

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Grace for Mothers

“You are sending someone else?” The condescending tone on the other side of the phone was evident to me. “Yes, if the doctor is not going to be able to do the procedure that day, I will send my friend with my daughter for the doctor’s appointment.” “Ok,” the condescension continued as I tried to […]

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Creating Healing Spaces for Those Affected by Race-based Trauma

by Fredrica Brooks-Davis, M.A., Psy.D. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) 2019 Hate Crime Statistics Report, data collected by 15,588 law enforcement agencies reported 7,314 hate crimes that involved 8,559 offenses. There were 8,552 victims of single-bias motivated incidents, of which 57.6% were a result of race/ethnicity/ancestry bias, 20.1% religion bias, and 16.7% […]

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Resource Guide for COVID-19

As updates become available daily, we believe it is critical to be equipped with accurate information on COVID-19. That is why we have compiled the most up-to-date resources for you to review and stay informed. Updated September 29, 2021. COVID-19 Facts What is Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)? Key Facts Current Situation Summary CDC COVID Data Tracker […]

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Change is in the Air for Licensed Counselors as Georgia State Passes New Bill

COUNSEL ALERT As licensed professionals, we have looked at our state boards and wondered if there would be a time when we could have a license in one state and practice in another state. We have all made hard choices about where to live based on these laws and have dread state line moves due […]

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