How many times have you read a great article and wished you could ask the author a question or share your response? Today, you can! The featured item this week on Big Questions Online, a publication of the John Templeton Foundation, comes from longstanding AACC member and frequent presenter, Dr. Everett Worthington. In Dr. Worthington’s recent article, What are the Different Dimensions of Humility?, he summarizes the definition of humility and how it is an important virtue. Here is a link to the essay: He also notes that there are different kinds of humilities and they have a different way of impacting relationships. The article discusses whether a person can be genuinely humble.

Dr. Worthington is responding to reader comments through Monday night. This is a great opportunity for readers to discuss the topic or ask questions to get a response directly from the author.

Dr. Worthington is a longstanding member of the AACC and has spoken at many of the AACC conferences. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he received the Distinguished Teaching Award. He has published numerous articles on marriage, family, and forgiveness and is the author of several books including Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling: A Guide to Brief Therapy. He has also written Moving Forward: Six Steps to Forgiving Yourself and Breaking Free from the Past, The Power of Forgiving, and is the director of the Campaign for Forgiveness Research.

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