Phil Monroe, Ph.D.

“Thank you for hearing us,” one Rwandan counselor said with tears. “Thank you for giving and thank you for coming.”

Since 2009, Project Tuza has brought trauma care and counseling training to the people of Rwanda in the wake of genocide. This AACC initiative, led by Board Chair Dr. Diane Langberg, seeks to offer extensive training to raise up Rwandan counseling leaders who can offer hope, help, and healing to their own communities. At the 2011 World Conference, over $42,000 was raised for Project Tuza, and our goal for the 2013 World Conference is to raise $50,000.

Thanks to your support and generous donations to Project Tuza, a team of counseling professionals are leaving today, June 21, to travel to Rwanda to facilitate the “Project Tuza 2.0” training. In association with the AACC Foundation and World Vision Rwanda, Dr. Langberg and the group of Christian counselors and psychologists will provide a multi-day intensive training to counselors, pastors, and caregivers from around the country.

Over the next week, the team of 8 counselors and psychologists will be working with local counselors and caregivers to improve counseling and caregiving skills to women and children experiencing domestic violence, with those suffering addictions, and to provide opportunity for extensive case rich learning. While some trainings will be delivered via presentations, we have been requested to spend much of our time in small skills groups so that attendees can learn through practice and case review sessions.

As this time is also near the end of the Genocide memorial period (April – July), we will also leave ample time to give attendees time for processing their own trauma burdens.

How can I participate?

  • You can pray. These trips are difficult to manage from beginning to end. Getting the logistics right can be difficult when managing time-zones and cultures.
  • You can pray some more. Health, prepping for talks, safe travels, and ultimately for God’s Holy Spirit to move to bring healing and growth among Rwandans.
  • You can give. This trip is  funded by World Vision Rwanda and the AACC Foundation. You can help offset the costs of this trip and enable us to return soon to continue building a long-term helping relationship that empowers Rwandans to counsel competently.

Please consider giving to AACC Foundation by mailing checks (made payable to AACC FOUNDATION) to AACC Foundation, Attention: Project Tuza, PO Box 739, Forest, VA 24551 (in memo line, indicate the gift is for Project Tuza) or by giving online here. All gifts will be tax deductible.
Stay posted for more information and blogs about our trip!

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