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American Association of Christian Counselors

Bible for Hope

Bible for Hope: Caring for People God's Way
Bible for Hope


  • Up Front Quick Reference
  • Book introductions from the perspective of inner healing
  • Theme articles written by experts address life’s most common challenges and difficulties: anxiety, anger, insecurity, depression, sexuality, pride and jealousy
  • Personality profiles highlight the lives of people in the Bible who encountered and overcame bondage, oppression or difficulty
  • Key passages are interpreted, offering the reader insights into the messages of freedom and hope
  • Soul Notes provide commentary on Bible passages that speak to the main themes
  • Subject Index and Key Word Concordance
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Tim Clinton“If you only use one resource in counseling,
let it be the Bible!”

–Dr. Tim Clinton,
Executive Editor

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Abortion   Abuse   Anger   Bitterness   Blended Families

Boundaries   Child Abuse   Communication    Cults   Death   Depression

Discouragement   Doubt   Failure   Faith   Fatherhood   Forgiveness

Grief   Healing   Homosexuality   Hope    Jealousy   Love Language

Marriage   Mentoring   Occult   Parenting   Relationships   
Sexual Sin

Spiritual Disciplines   Suffering   Trauma    Truth   Weakness   Worry


Dan Allender, Ph.D. (Healing/Recovery; Love; Suffering)
Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed. (Cults; Sexual Integrity)
Ron Blue, M.B.A. (Money)
Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D. (Love Languages)
Henry Cloud, Ph.D. (Boundaries)
Larry Crabb, Ph.D. (Knowing God)
Archibald D. Hart, Ph.D. (Anxiety; Self-Esteem)
Don Hawkins, D.Min. (Mentoring; Responsibility)
Ron Hawkins, Ed.D. (Change/Maturity; Sin)
Liz Curtis Higgs, B.A. (Joy)
June Hunt, M.A. (Conflict)
Diane Langberg, Ph.D. (Abuse)
H.B. London, D.D. (Burnout)
Michael R. Lyles, M.D. (Genetic Issues; Depression)
Josh McDowell, M.Div. (Adolescent Problems; Tolerance)
Paul Meier, M.D. (Child Development; Mental Illness)
Gary J. Oliver, Ph.D. (Anger, Failure)
Stormie Omartian (Prayer)
John Ortberg, Ph.D. (Spiritual Growth)
Les Parrott, Ph.D. (Guilt/Shame; Premarital Relationships; Relationships)
Leslie Parrott, Ed.D. (Premarital Relationships; Relationships)
Clifford L. Penner, Ph.D. (Sex in Marriage)
Joyce J. Penner, M.N. (Sex in Marriage)
Gary Smalley, M.Div., Ed.D. (Honor)
Greg Smalley, Psy.D. (Honor)
Charles R. Swindoll, D.D. (Decision Making)
Siang-Yang Tan, Ph.D. (Pain)
John Townsend, Ph.D. (Boundaries)
John Trent, Ph.D. (Attachment/Blessing; Hope)
Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Ph.D. (Forgiveness)
H. Norman Wright, M.R.E., M.A. (Crises; Grief/Loss)

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