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Women In Depression

Part of the Fresh Start Recovery Series

Women in Depression Special Offer $129

(Regular Tuition $249)

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My wife and five sisters do a lot more counseling than I do. Whether it’s in the counseling office or over a cup of coffee, they are continuously poring into the lives of other women struggling with issues—especially depression.

Did you know that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression and that 20% of women can expect to suffer from clinical depression at some time in their lives? That’s one in five women!

That’s why I am so pleased to announce a new DVD series—Women in Depression. Featuring leading Christian psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Lyles, this curriculum will lead you through the common features, issues, diagnosis, and treatment of female depression. An added benefit to pastors and church leaders, Dr. Lyles develops a plan for what the Church can do to help.

Dr. Lyles’ teaching style and content are just excellent. This is a wonderful resource for indvidual counseling, small groups, and personal enrichment.

Get it now and enjoy the best savings we have to offer!


Timothy E. Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT
President, AACC



The Epidemic of Depression

Depression Throughout the Life Cycle

Getting the Right Help

Treating Depression

What the Church Must Do

Depression: After the Show

Women in Depression Special Offer $129

(Regular Tuition $249)

Enroll in Women In Depression

About the Presenter


Dr. Lyles is a graduate of the University of Michigan Six Year Premedical Medical Program. He completed his psychiatric residency and APA/NIMH Minority Fellowship at Duke University Medical Center where he was the recipient of the North Carolina Neuropsychiatric Association Resident of the Year Award.

He is a consultant to a variety of community organizations ranging from religious organizations to internet sites to professional athletics such as The Atlanta Hawks. He is board certified in Adult Psychiatry by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. His major areas of clinical activity are mood disorders, anxiety disorders and ADHD.

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