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American Association of Christian Counselors

New Generation Parenting

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The “New Gen” Parenting Program Was Created to Help Parents and Those You Serve Draw Closer to Their Kids!

Childhood has changed, and so has parenting. So much today seems to compete for our affection with our kids. Most parents feel the competing demand of work and increasing stress.

Today’s kids are now under incredible stress and duress. Noted psychologist, Dr. Arch Hart, wrote in Stress and Your Kids that children as young as five years of age are developing ulcers.

AACC is committed to strengthening family relationships. As such, we have developed the all new “New Gen” parenting program. In it you will find individual parenting courses, or if you’re interested, an entire small group series for parents. Whatever your needs, this curriculum provides the excellent practical and biblical insights designed to help parents and those you serve draw closer to their kids.

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