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Extraordinary Women

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Dear Friend:

Extraordinary Women is a distance learning 5 part, 30 lesson training program designed to educate and equip a community of helpers within the church to offer careful, Biblical encouragement, direction, hope, and personal growth to women in a complex world.

  • Women do most of the volunteer work in any church.
  • Women juggle a myriad of responsibilities at home, at work, and in their communities.
  • Women are the relationship-tenders and broken-heart-menders.
  • Women care for children and carry burdens for aging parents, help their husbands, encourage their friends, and try to take care of themselves.
  • Women purchase 97% of spiritual growth resources for families, and are usually the catalyst for using them.

Women are having a profound impact on the church and making an extraordinary difference in the lives of those around us! As God continues to shape His vessels like a potter forms a jar of clay, let us as women and those who minister to women become more adequately equipped to handle life’s difficulties while enriching our hearts, encouraging our souls, and expanding our ministry.
Continuing Education credits are available, if needed, for mental health professionals too!

If you feel called by God to make a difference in the lives of people around you, let us help equip and train you through Extraordinary Women.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this series!


Timothy E. Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT
President, AACC

Unit 1: Life Enrichment

EW 101: Woman & Her God: Prayer, Devotion, & the Spiritual Life

Presented by Beth Moore

A woman’s relationship with God is meant to be a love relationship, hopefully intimate, and deeply satisfying. Do you long for such a love life? Beth shares truths that will rekindle your love relationship with God, giving it a new spark. She speaks from her heart and a well-spring of God’s word, showing you how to change dry ‘devotions’ into a personal devotion to the One you love; and how routine prayers can become fervent and intimate times with God that will satisfy your soul and spirit.

EW 102: A Woman & Her Body: Fitness, Diet, Beauty, & Healthy Living

Presented by Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.

A personal coaching session packed with practical ideas to enhance health, energy, and vitality. Most women are so busy giving to others they neglect themselves. Learn practical day-to-day self-care strategies to intentionally improve health & well-being.

EW 103: A Woman’s Soul: Self-Concept, Identity, & Fulfillment

Presented by Sandra Wilson, Ph.D.

Finding fulfillment in life is dependent on a woman knowing who she is in Christ. Most women’s self-concept is shaped by important relationships while growing up—which may be affirming or hurtful. Learn how women can transform their lives by allowing God to transform their self-concept. Learn to recognize a wounded soul (in seven areas of life) and how to help healing begin and continue.

EW 104: A Woman’s Ministry: Sharing the Faith & Growing the Church

Presented by Jill Briscoe

Women played strategic roles in Jesus’ ministry. He still is calling women to participate fully in ministry and service. Highly respected for her influence and expertise in women’s ministry, Jill Briscoe shows a woman how to listen for, and respond to, God’s call in her life.

EW 105: A Woman’s Finances: Finding and Keeping Financial Freedom

Presented by Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt tells her story of breaking free from overwhelming debt and financial pressures. A godly and realistic approach to make finances a positive part of a woman’s life. Identifies warning signs that indicate financial trouble ahead, and practical steps to prevent it.

EW 106: A Woman’s Personality: Understanding Yourself & Others

Presented by Florence Littauer

A lighthearted and encouraging look at how God gives each woman a unique personality with her own strengths and weaknesses. A trailblazer on this topic, she shows how understanding personalities helps women improve relationships in marriage, family life, at work, in friendships, & at church. Learn to get along better with people, while growing to appreciate yourself and others more.

Unit 2: Life Transitions

EW 201: Being a Godly Woman: Just Between Us Girls

Presented by Kathleen Hart

With a sweet spirit and wisdom born of experience, she points to basic spiritual truths women need to preserve in all stages of life: identifying the fine line between flesh and spirit, keeping our focus on Jesus, responding appropriately to the “suddenly’s” of life, and accepting our responsibilities at each stage of life. While these classic truths appear simple, they help you recognize which stage a woman is in so you can meet her there and help her grow in Christ.

EW 202: “I’m in love!”: Dating and Preparing for Marriage

Presented by Leslie Parrott, Ph.D.

Learn to cover all the issues a woman needs to review before she enters into marriage. Arealistic, but encouraging look at what women need to know and do to prepare for the pitfalls and challenges of married life so her marriage can last a lifetime.

EW 203: Fifty is Gold! Life Through and Beyond Menopause

Presented by Joseph Mayo, M.D. and Mary Ann Mayo, M.A.

Menopause and peri-menopause are challenging transition times for any woman. Learn to help women go through these physical, emotional and spiritual changes successfully, without trauma. Leslie will equip you to manage menopause positively. Learn signs, symptoms, realistic expectations, what’s normal & what’s not. Touches on traditional medicine, diet, exercise, and herbal remedies.

EW 204: Seasons of a Woman’s Life

Presented by Freda Crews, D.Min., Ph.D.

“We can have it all!—just not all at the same time,” says Dr. Crews. Learn how women can gracefully adapt to successive seasons of life, yielding to Christ, while fulfilling her purpose and being fulfilled.

EW 205: A Woman’s Guide to Handling Conflict

Presented by Leslie Vernick, MSW

This trusted psychologist shows you how to distinguish between merely being a peace keeper and peace maker. Some women avoid conflict at any cost — but the cost may be too high. There are times conflict is worth the risk to bring about true and lasting peace. Leslie teaches how to distinguish when the situation is worth the risk, and how to resolve conflicts to achieve genuine peace.

EW 206: Living Beyond Your Circumstances

Presented by Joni Eareckson Tada

Paralyzed in a diving accident at seventeen, Joni has become an inspiration to millions. Joni says no tragedy, pain, or suffering can separate you from the love of Christ or keep you from fulfilling God’s good plan for your life. Who can refute her? Her positive message encourages and helps you minister to those who suffer in ways beyond the scope of your experience, but not beyond God’s love working through you.

Unit 3: Life Problems

EW 301: Women and Depression

Presented by Michael Lyles, M.D.

Women suffer from clinical depression twice as often as men. The complex interaction contributors to depression in women are the focus of Dr. Lyles’ expertise. He’ll present a breadth of general knowledge on depression in women. Includes up-to-date research on: PMDD, PMS, pregnancy, post-partum, menopause, peri-menopause, and the “dance between a woman’s hormones & emotions.” Options to help include: medical care, diet, exercise, spiritual care, and natural alternatives.

EW 302: Managing Stress and Overcoming Anxiety

Presented by David Hager, M.D. and Linda Hager, M.A.

David and Linda Hager team up to help you understand stress and a woman’s body. Using their combination of medical expertise and psychological acumen, they walk you through a basic understanding of how stress uniquely affects women, psychologically, physically, and emotionally. They share their expertise on anxiety disorders and panic attacks in a way that will help you help women who are suffering the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of stress and anxiety.

EW 303: I’ve Got to Get Control! Body Image & Eating Disorders

Presented by Linda Mintle, Ph.D.

Eating disorders like Anorexia, Bulimia, and Compulsive Overeating are some of the most frightening and misunderstood problems facing women, especially young women, today. What are the causes, symptoms and risk factors for these puzzling disorders? Linda explores the issues, from eating habits and family dynamics to self-esteem and body image and helps us see hope for recovery from these life controlling problems.

EW 304: On the Threshold of Hope: Healing from Sexual Abuse

Presented by Diane Langberg, Ph.D.

Diane has helped hundreds of sexual abuse survivors, and shares her expertise on this sensitive but inescapable issue. She demonstrates keen understanding, compassion, and brings hope for true healing from sexual abuse. This session opens windows through which to see the profound trauma experienced by those who’ve been sexually abused, showing you how to uphold, and walk alongside those who are moving toward healing and restoration of all that was damaged and destroyed.

EW 305: No More! Standing Against and Healing Spousal Abuse

Presented by June Hunt, M.A.

June defines what qualifies as spousal abuse: verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse within marriage. She answers the questions, “Where is God?” and “What is His heart toward victims of abuse?” She sights stages, characteristics, contributing factors, and symptoms, giving guidelines for building safe boundaries. Emphasizing that there is no Biblical defense or excuse for abuse, she takes on common attempts at justification with scriptural answers, aiming to heal the hurts and stop the violence.

EW 306: Unity in the Church: With One Heart

Presented by Thelma Wells, D.Min.

A look at how to love one another from a woman who lives it, after overcoming the ravages of discrimination. We can all fall prey to envy, pettiness, and divisiveness. Thelma knows the challenges Christian women face, having spoken to over a million women while touring with Women of Faith. With deep authenticity, she calls us to stop working against each other, stop looking down on each other; choosing rather to develop genuine love. She calls us to aim for unity by living with compassion, mutual respect, fairness, and support each other in ways that bring unity in the church and glory to God.

Unit 4: Marital Life

EW 401: Make Yours a Great Marriage!

Presented by Barbara Rosberg

Marriage expert, Barbara Rosberg, outlines the greatest love needs of both men and women. She shows a woman how to meet her husband’s needs, while getting her own needs met in the process. Next to her relationship with God, the marital relationship is the most important relationship a married woman will have. Barbara challenges and shows women how to make their marriages great, and avoid or repair the suffering that comes from painful or difficult marital relations.

EW 402: Female Sexuality and Satisfaction

Presented by Joyce Penner, RN

God created sexuality as a gift with pleasures to be enjoyed within marriage by women as well as men. Yet many women find embracing and enjoying their sexuality to be incredibly difficult. The reasons may be emotional or physiological — or it could be a lack of understanding and information. Joyce intimately and respectfully speaks about common problems women face in their sexual relationships with their husbands. She walks them through getting the information and help needed to experience sexual fulfillment.

EW 403: Spiritual Intimacy: Embracing the Heart of God in Marriage

Presented by Julie Clinton, M.B.A.

The real love story at the heart of any marriage is Christ’s love for the Church. That’s what God had in mind when He ordained marriage. The most satisfying marriages come about when a husband and wife align themselves with God’s original intent. Marriage is not just two people in love; it’s a three-strand cord not easily broken! Julie specifically deals with: (1)Barriers to spiritual intimacy; (2)The blessings of enjoying God’s power and presence in your marriage; (3)Developing an awareness of God and His blessings in marital life.

EW 404: Beyond Betrayal

Presented by Laurie Hall

Statistics indicate that up to 68% of married Christian men struggle with pornography, and sexual addiction is rampant—even among churchgoers. How does a wife deal with the effects of a husband’s struggles with pornography and sexual addiction? How is she to deal with her feelings of betrayal and tremendous pain. Laurie speaks of such pain and betrayal from personal experience. She shares her own story and teaches from her personal journey toward forgiveness and wholeness; lessons apply to all manner of betrayal.

EW 405: Talk, Touch, and Tenderness in Marriage

Presented by Carrie Oliver, M.A.

As little girls, we grew up with fairy tales of happily ever after with our handsome prince. While marriage certainly brings some reality to our illusions of a blissful relationship with no problems, that doesn’t mean we should give up on romance. Carrie speaks to what women can do to pursue the true, deep intimacy we desire with our husbands by understanding—which leads to good communication, physical intimacy, and close friendship.

EW 406: A Marriage without Regret

Presented by Kay Arthur

Although the challenges you face may be great and the odds against you may seem overpowering, the Good News is that it is never too late for a new beginning no matter the state of your marriage. God has left clear instructions for us: precepts to cling to, a road to follow, specific directions that apply to every situation of life. Kay will show you how to begin this journey of faith today so that you will feel our Lord’s wind at your back. And there is something wonderful about a Christian marriage, something that draws a curious eye, there is a radiance that creates a longing in weary hearts.

Unit 5: Family Life

EW 501: “Always Daddy’s Girl”: The influence of Your Family of Origin

Presented by Barbara Shaffer, Ph.D.

One of the most significant factors in who a woman becomes and how she sees herself is her relationship with her family — particularly her father. Barbara explains how early experiences with parents shape self-concept and how women interact with others throughout life. Even if a woman’s family experiences were less than ideal, there is hope and healing. Women can overcome past pain and move toward emotional, spiritual, and relational health.

EW 502: Mothering Strategies to Help Kids Through Changing Times

Presented by Lisa McMinn, Ph.D.

Parenting has always been a challenge; in today’s society it seems more difficult to raise kids and keep them safe. Lisa takes a close look at the powerful influences our kids experience through the media and popular culture. She shows parents how to successfully challenge society’s messages with integrity and strong values. Her keen awareness of what our kids are hearing will open eyes. Her understanding of how to counter those confusing and faulty messages will support all parents helping their kids navigate changing times well.

EW 503: Encouragement and Strategies for Single Moms

Presented by Sharon May, Ph.D.

There are 12.2 million single moms in America. These women face unique challenges and a heavy burden. Sharon understands. You will laugh and cry as she shares her own story of being a single mom. She offers tips and guidelines for single moms that will help make them better women and better parents.

EW 504: Passing On Your Faith without Turning Off Your Kids

Presented by Connie Neal

Passing on the Christian faith is one of a woman’s most important duties, but it can be intimidating. How do you get kids to “get it” before they get bored? Connie shows you how to make communicating your faith both fun and memorable by using the Youth for Christ’s training model: integrating God’s Story, Your Story, and Your Kids’ Story. Full of great ideas anyone can use, and any kid will respond to positively.

EW 505: Beyond the Empty Nest

Presented by Claudia Arp

Women face many transitions in life — one of the most challenging can be the “Empty Nest.” When kids leave home, a woman can find that her life changes completely. She may have to completely readjust — as a woman, a wife, and a mother. Claudia walks women through what to expect from the “Empty Nest,” and how to make this one of the most enjoyable stages of life.

EW 506: A Woman’s World: What’s for Sale in the Marketplace of Ideas

Presented by Janet Parshall

Women have the power to impact the world and influence society, but many have no idea where to begin. Janet gives women a basic course in the social issues that will have a powerful impact on families and the church. She alerts us to what is happening in our world and how God may be calling us to be an active part of shaping our world.


Option 1 – Pay in Full: $349

Option 2 – Payment Plan
(Call 1-800-526-8673 for interest free financing)


Q. Is this program flexible enough to fit my busy schedule?

A. Definitely. Light University is the epitome of flexibility, allowing you to design any schedule that is convenient for you. There is no deadline in which you must be finished with your coursework. You can study when and where you like and take as long as you like to complete your lessons.

Q. Is residency required for me to complete my program of study?

A. No. The entire course of study is on DVD for your convenience. You can view and review your lessons as often as you like. It is that simple. The DVD’s, along with the complete study guides, will lead you each step of the way.

Q. Will I receive a certificate when I am finished with my program of study?

A. Yes. You will receive a beautiful certificate from Light University signifying the completion of the entire program of study. Your certificate does not, however, certify you to counsel. That would be the decision of your local church pastor or counseling minister.

Q. Will I receive ongoing support and encouragement from the AACC once I have completed my studies?

A. Yes. You will receive a one-year free membership in the AACC when you enroll in the complete Caring for People God’s Way curriculum. An $109 value free! You can renew that membership once it expires and continue to receive the resources available to you from the AACC.

Q. Can I use Breaking Free as a training program for lay counselors in my ministry?

A. Yes. We have special rates available for group training programs. Call the office of Light University for more information (1-800-520-2268).

Q. Will there be other programs of study available to me in Light University once I complete Breaking Free

A.Yes. We are currently developing specialized units that will provide additional areas of study for those who wish to continue their training.

Q. Is college credit available for this training?

A. Yes. Please call our offices for details.

World-class Faculty

  Claudia Arp Kay Arthur Jill Briscoe Julie Clinton, M.Ad., M.B.A.  
  Freda Crews, Ph.D., D.Min. David Hager, M.D. and Linda Hager Laurie Hall Kathleen Hart  
  June Hunt, M.A. Diane Langberg, Ph.D. Florence Littauer Michael Lyles, M.D.  
  Sharon May, Ph.D. Joseph Mayo, M.D. Mary Ann Mayo, M.A. Lisa McMinn, Ph.D.  
  Linda Mintle, Ph.D. Beth Moore Connie Neal Carrie Oliver, M.A.  
  Leslie Parrot, Ph.D. Janet Parshall Joyce Penner, RN, MN Barbara Rosberg  
  Barbara Shaffer, Ph.D. Joni Eareckson Tada Leslie Vernick, MSW Catherine Hart Weber, Ph.D.  
  Thelma Wells, M.Min. Sandra Wilson, Ph.D.