American Association of Christian Counselors
American Association of Christian Counselors

Marriage and Family

MFRL 201: Coaching Today’s Children and Adolescents: Issues and Strategies

This course addresses the contemporary issues most common to both raising and counseling children and adolescents and provides appropriate treatment strategies for effective familial change. Developmental stages, learning styles, personality factors and social influences are examined, as well as the efficacy of community counseling resources and programs.


MFRL 203: Parenting and Child Discipline: Raising Healthy Kids

This course equips students with the counseling knowledge and tools for helping parents raise emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially healthy children. Proactive and effective child discipline strategies are examined from a developmental perspective and incorporate current research.


MFRL 205: Marriage and Family: Building a Solid Foundation

This course provides a biblical overview of marriage and family systems, specifically looking at the foundations, models, and techniques necessary for effective counseling with couples and families. Current trends, contemporary issues and growing threats to the faith-based family are all examined in greater detail.


MFRL 207: Love and Relationships

This course equips students with a biblical overview of relationships, romance and marriage, as well as providing the necessary counseling knowledge to assist couples in cultivating successful and full relationships. Current trends and issues in marriage are discussed while presenting effective, theoretical tools that all marriages to outlast the test of time.


MFRL 209: Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical and Developmental Framework

This course addresses the biological and physiological implications of healthy, biblical sexuality while addressing contemporary issues, such as pregnancy and sexual difficulties, and abortion. Through a developmental perspective, students are provided the tools to instruct today’s parents on how to discuss sexuality with their children.

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