American Association of Christian Counselors
American Association of Christian Counselors

Child Development and Parenting

CHDV 201: Child & Family Development: Raising Healthy Families

This course provides the foundational psychological and theological perspectives needed for understanding core child and family development stages and dynamics. Current trends, issues, and cultural norms are examined, as well as risk and protective factors that influence resiliency and coping mechanisms in children and teens.

CHDV 203: Parenting and Generational Influence

This course examines the psychological and spiritual foundations and strategies for understanding the meaning and significance of generational influence and its impact on family legacy. Lifestyle and cultural barriers to effective parenting are examined, as well as proactive parenting strategies, sound discipline and healthy communication patterns.

CHDV 205: Lifespan Development

This course integrates the practical knowledge of child development experts, the physiological science of human development, and the enlightening wisdom of counselors to instruct learning participants on the human lifespan. Presenters share relevant personal experiences to provide realistic expectations related to raising children. The course is divided by stages of development, as well as gender, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of human life.

CHDV 207: Childhood Issues, Trauma and Abuse

This course utilizes the knowledge and expertise of seasoned professionals to instruct learners on the difficult issues children may face physically, emotionally, psychologically and relationally. Presentations are grouped to comprehensively discuss issues like bullying, learning disorders, abuse and trauma, and divorce. The learner will be well informed on how to best help children and their parents with these significant life issues.

CHDV 209: Healthy Sexuality: Understanding Intimacy

This course addresses the biological and physiological implications of healthy, biblical sexuality, while additionally addressing contemporary issues, such as pregnancy, sexual difficulties, and abortion. Students are provided helpful tools to instruct today’s parents on discussing sexuality with their children from a developmental perspective. Presenters offer biblical insights and clinical advice on sexual issues, pregnancy, and dealing with issues of miscarriage and infertility.

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