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The James C. Dobson Certificate and Life Coach Certification Programs

The James C. Dobson Certificate and
Life Coach Certification Programs

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James Dobson

James C. Dobson
America’s Leading
Family Expert

It’s no secret that today’s marriages and families are in trouble. As today’s generations work to build healthy marriages and strong families, many are sadly experiencing a pervasive sense of emptiness and brokenness.

The pace, pressure and pain of modern-day life have taken over. The result? An epidemic of Empty and Loveless Relationships, Divorce, Fatherlessness, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Teen Suicide and more.

“We’re in a death struggle,” Dr. James Dobson said recently. “I am particularly concerned about re-defining the family, because it wasn’t our idea… it was God’s idea, going back to the Garden of Eden, and we are about to throw it on the ash heap of history. I pray that we do not, because we will not recover if we do.”

Psalm 127:1 (KJV) says it well, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it….”

We need an army of trained leaders who will “stand in the gap” for today’s children, marriages and families!

The Best News: Each Course is Only $299!

(Regular Tuition $800 Per Course)

The American Association of Christian Counselors and Light University have partnered with Dr. Dobson to create a nationally recognized and uniquely designed program of marriage and family education, intervention and advocacy.

We want to train and equip individuals, just like you, who have a heart to help people in need with the necessary tools to be more effective in helping and coaching others. Our mission is to preserve and promote the institution of the family and the biblical principles on which it is based by training a generation of leaders to stand in the gap and help strengthen today’s marriages and families.

The unique nature of each program of study offers the opportunity to learn from Dr. Dobson, hear his “voice,” and experience his passion in each course.

When you enroll, each course includes a video-based introduction and instruction by Dr. Dobson, lectures from recognized mental health and educational leaders, 90-second video commentaries with Dr. Dobson, relevant Family Talk radio broadcasts that engage content experts and topically oriented special reports authored by Dr. Dobson… and, of course, a full worktext with exams.

Instead of the regular tuition rate of $800 per course, you may enroll in any of the James C. Dobson courses for only $299 each if you sign up before the deadline. That’s a savings of over $500 for each course in which you enroll!

Continuing Education credits are also available, if needed, for mental health professionals and ministry leaders.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through these brand-new James C. Dobson certificate programs!


Timothy E. Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT
President, AACC


MFRL 201: Coaching Today’s Children and Adolescents: Issues and Strategies

This course addresses the contemporary issues most common to both raising and counseling children and adolescents and provides appropriate treatment strategies for effective familial change. Developmental stages, learning styles, personality factors and social influences are examined, as well as the efficacy of community counseling resources and programs.


MFRL 203: Parenting and Child Discipline: Raising Healthy Kids

This course equips students with the counseling knowledge and tools for helping parents raise emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially healthy children. Proactive and effective child discipline strategies are examined from a developmental perspective and incorporate current research.


MFRL 205: Marriage and Family: Building a Solid Foundation

This course provides a biblical overview of marriage and family systems, specifically looking at the foundations, models, and techniques necessary for effective counseling with couples and families. Current trends, contemporary issues and growing threats to the faith-based family are all examined in greater detail.


MFRL 207: Love and Relationships

This course equips students with a biblical overview of relationships, romance and marriage, as well as providing the necessary counseling knowledge to assist couples in cultivating successful and full relationships. Current trends and issues in marriage are discussed while presenting effective, theoretical tools that all marriages to outlast the test of time.


MFRL 209: Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical and Developmental Framework

This course addresses the biological and physiological implications of healthy, biblical sexuality while addressing contemporary issues, such as pregnancy and sexual difficulties, and abortion. Through a developmental perspective, students are provided the tools to instruct today’s parents on how to discuss sexuality with their children.


CHDV 201: Child and Family Development: Raising Healthy Kids

This course provides the foundational psychological and theological perspectives needed for understanding core child and family development stages and dynamics. Current trends, issues, and cultural norms are examined, as well as risk and protective factors that influence resiliency and coping mechanisms in children and teens.


CHDV 203: Parenting and Generational Influence

This course examines the psychological and spiritual foundations and strategies for understanding the meaning and significance of generational influence and its impact on family legacy. Lifestyle and cultural barriers to effective parenting are examined, as well as proactive parenting strategies, sound discipline and healthy communication patterns.


CHDV 205: Developmental Lifespan

This course integrates the practical knowledge of child development experts, the physiological science of human development, and the enlightening wisdom of counselors to instruct learning participants on the human lifespan. Presenters share relevant personal experiences to provide realistic expectations related to raising children. The course is divided by stages of development, as well as gender, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of human life.


CHDV 207: Childhood Issues, Trauma and Abuse

This course utilizes the knowledge and expertise of seasoned professionals to instruct learners on the difficult issues children may face physically, emotionally, psychologically and relationally. Presentations are grouped to comprehensively discuss issues like bullying, learning disorders, abuse and trauma, and divorce. The learner will be well informed on how to best help children and their parents with these significant life issues.


CHDV 209: Healthy Sexuality: Understanding Intimacy

This course addresses the biological and physiological implications of healthy, biblical sexuality, while additionally addressing contemporary issues, such as pregnancy, sexual difficulties, and abortion. Students are provided helpful tools to instruct today’s parents on discussing sexuality with their children from a developmental perspective. Presenters offer biblical insights and clinical advice on sexual issues, pregnancy, and dealing with issues of miscarriage and infertility.


FAPP 201: Family, Faith and the Future

This course compares and contrasts the cultural and biblical worldviews of both marriage and the family as core societal institutions and lays a theoretical foundation for future direction and advocacy. Philosophical, theoretical and spiritual dynamics are examined from a Judeo-Christian perspective and in light with current social norms.


FAPP 203: Marriage & Family Advocacy: Standing for What Matters Most

This course reviews public policy issues that threaten the Judeo-Christian heritage of America’s founding principles. Effective argumentation and critical thinking skills and strategies are offered for advocating on behalf of marriages and families in the 21st century.


FAPP 205: Divorce, Remarriage and Blended Families

This course addresses concepts and interventions from experienced clinicians on how to approach the issues of divorce and the loss of a spouse in a broken reality. Presentations cover issues ranging from the early emotions of separation and divorce to finding forgiveness throughout the process. Learners are given practical advice on how individuals can rebuild their lives and relationships after divorce, including when children are involved. The course also discusses the difficulties and counsel needed after a couple is separated by death.


FAPP 207: Childhood and Teenage Rebellion and Problem Behaviors

This course delves into the difficulty of raising teenagers with problem behaviors; such as having a strong will, dealing with bullying, emotional issues, puberty, learning disabilities, emotional disorders, and the day-to-day pains of adolescent life. Presenters discuss these issues from both a clinical and a practical, experiential perspective. Students will have a much greater understanding on many of the behavioral issues parents may face with adolescents.


FAPP 209: Contemporary Marriage and Family Issues and Challenges

This course provides a unique learning experience as students are led through various marriage and family issues and challenges. Presenters address issues like singleness, crisis in marriage, and building a family legacy from a practical point of view. Learners will also be provided strategies to work through current issues ailing today’s modern family, such as living a healthy digital life within the family, feminism, and overcoming divorce.

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