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American Association of Christian Counselors

Caring for People God’s Way

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Dear Friend:

Marriage problems, divorce, sexual addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, depression… our world is full of brokenness.

In many ways, the pace, pain and pressures of modern day life have taken over. Who doesn’t feel a little overwhelmed (maybe a lot) and stressed?

Although this appears to be the worst of times, something seems to be happening around the world—people are searching for relief, hope, healing and restoration. I believe they are looking for God. Brokenness begs for healing.

Caring for People God’s Way will help equip you to respond to the growing needs and provide competent and compassionate care to those who are hurting. Our goal is to help you understand the tough issues people wrestle with today and use the Bible with confidence with those who need clear direction and could use some strong encouragement. It is biblically-based and features some of the best faculty in the world. Upon successful completion of your coursework, you will earn a certificate of completion in Biblical Counseling from Light University. Each course comes complete with six lessons on DVD, work text and, of course, exams. This convenient format allows you to study at home or the office at your own pace.

Continuing Education credits are available, if needed, for mental health professionals too!

If you feel called by God to make a difference in the lives of people around you, let us help equip and train you through Caring for People God’s Way.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this series!


Timothy E. Clinton, Ed.D., LPC, LMFT
President, AACC

Unit 1: Introduction to Biblical Counseling

BCOU 101: Becoming a Christian Counselor

Presented by Tim Clinton, Ed.D.

BCOU 102: Using Your Spiritual Gifts in Counseling

Presented by Ed Hindson, D.Phil., D.Min., Th.D.

BCOU 103: Helping Others Find Significance in Life

Presented by Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

BCOU 104: The Power of Truth

Presented by Leslie Vernick, MSW

BCOU 105: Overcoming Depression

Presented by Michael Lyles, M.D.

BCOU 106: Surviving Sexual Abuse: On the Threshold of Hope

Presented by Diane Langberg, Ph.D.

Unit 2: Faith and Life

BCOU 201: The Effective People Helper

Presented by Ian Jones, Ph.D., Ph.D.

BCOU 202: Bringing People into God’s Presence

Presented by Ron Hawkins, Ed.D., D.Min.

BCOU 203: How to Help People Change

Presented by Gary Sibcy, Ph.D.

BCOU 204: Heart Matters: Repentance and Godly Sorrow

Presented by Ed Hindson, D.Phil., D.Min., Th.D.

BCOU 205: Forgiveness: Letting Go of the Past and Pain

Presented by Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Ph.D.

BCOU 206: The Spiritual Disciplines in Counseling

Presented by Siang-Yang Tan, Ph.D.

Unit 3: Marriage and Family

BCOU 301: Marriage: Keeping Love Alive

Presented by Linda Mintle, Ph.D.

BCOU 302: Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Foundation

Presented by Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.

BCOU 303: Addiction and Recovery

Presented by Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

BCOU 304: How Couples Lose at Love: Disaffection in Marriage

Presented by Tim Clinton, Ed.D.

BCOU 305: Hope-focused Marriage Counseling

Presented by Ev Worthington, Jr., Ph.D.

BCOU 306: Divorce Recovery: Starting Over Again

Presented by Tom Whiteman, Ph.D.

Unit 4: Challenging Issues in Biblical Counseling

BCOU 401: Crisis Response and Intervention

Presented by Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A.

BCOU 402: Ethical and Legal issues in Counseling Ministry

Presented by Jeanneane Maxon, J.D.

BCOU 403: Breaking Generational Patterns

Presented by David Stoop, Ph.D.

BCOU 404: Infidelity: Stabilizing After the Affair

Presented by David Carder, M.A.

BCOU 405: Pain and Suffering: Helping People in a Broken World

Presented by Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

BCOU 406: Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Addiction

Presented by Mark Laaser, Ph.D.

Unit 5: Emerging Issues In Biblical Counseling

BCOU 501: Managing Stress and Anxiety

Presented by Archibald Hart, Ph.D.

BCOU 502: Grief and Loss

Presented by H. Norman Wright, M.A.

BCOU 503: Psychiatric Care and Medication

Presented by Paul Meier, M.A., M.D.

BCOU 504: Financial Bondage: Strategies for Freedom

Presented by Scott Palmer, B.A. & Bethany Palmer, B.A.

BCOU 505: Anger Management

Presented by Tim Clinton, Ed.D.

BCOU 506: The Helping Process: Basic Skills and Practice

Presented by Ken Nichols, Psy.D.


Option 1 – Pay in Full: $349

Option 2 – Payment Plan
(Call 1-800-526-8673 for interest free financing)

World-class Faculty

  Tim Clinton,
David Carder,
Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A. Archibald Hart,
  Ron Hawkins, D.Min., Ed.D. Ed Hindson,
D.Phil., Th.D.,
Th.M., D.Min.
Ian Jones,
Ph.D., Ph.D.
Mark Laaser,
Ph.D., M.Div.
  Diane Langberg,
Michael Lyles,
Jeanneane Maxon,
Paul Meier,
  Linda Mintle,
Ken Nichols,
Bethany Palmer,
Scott Palmer,
  Doug Rosenau,
Eric Scalise,
Gary Sibcy,
David Stoop,
  Siang-Yang Tan,
Leslie Vernick,
Tom Whiteman,
H. Norman Wright,
  Everett L.
Worthington, Jr.
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