American Association of Christian Counselors
American Association of Christian Counselors

Two More Credentials Added by IBCC

Beginning on September 1, 2006, the International Board of Christian Counselors is pleased to announce the addition of the Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC) and the Board Certified Christian Counselor (BCCC) credential to the Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (BCPCC) already being delivered to licensed mental health professionals. As AACC President Tim Clinton stated, “Alongside our professional clinicians, we are dedicated to credentialing pastoral counselors and counselors who practice in dedicated ministry but who aren’t state licensed mental health professionals.”

As you are probably already aware, the demand for professional credentials is increasing in all the counseling professions, including Christian counseling. The IBCC will now deliver three distinctive credentials, with credentials for evangelical chaplains and accomplished lay helpers being prepared for delivery next year.

IBCC Now Offers Three Voluntary Credentials to the Christian Counseling World

The BCPCCBoard Certified Professional Christian Counselor—for licensed mental professionals who identify and practice also as Christian counselors. We have now admitted over one hundred well-qualified therapists from every professional discipline to this inaugural professional credential of the IBCC—psychologists, professional counselors, marriage & family therapists, clinical social workers, and psychiatric nurses.

Beginning this Fall, we are also offering these two added credentials:

The BCCCBoard Certified Christian Counselor—for non-licensed and pre-licensed Christian counselors who work and serve in a variety of allied professional helping and teaching roles.

The BCPCBoard Certified Pastoral Counselor—for ordained pastors and pastoral counselors engaged in significant counseling ministry in church and para-church settings.

Now is the grandfathering phase for all of these credentials. Qualifying for admission to any of these voluntary, merit-based instruments will never be easier than it is right now. If you choose to seek an IBCC credential, contact Tyna at 800 – 526 – 8673 or visit us at and specify which application packet you are seeking.

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